MAP – Thieves End


Deep within an intertwining system of caves that drive deeper and deeper into the earth lies a set of massive iron doors. Emblazoned on these doors is the crest of the bustling city above. This crest is the last sign of civilization that many who enter here will ever see. This is Thieves End, a brutal chamber where criminals meet their doom in a battle against a savage beast, while spectators watch from above.

The contestants in this grotesque game come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common. They have each committed a crime in the city above, and are being removed from society because of it. They are sent into this complex in groups of 4-6 and are given some basic equipment in the hall before the arena, just to make the fights a little more interesting.

The beasts they are to fight are often rare and exotic. They have been captured by private monster hunters and brought here for this purpose. They are lowered into the arena in a large cage. Some of the areas more nefarious nobles and select guests gather around grates in the ceiling to watch the bloodbath ensue below.

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