5e CONTENT – Oswald’s Potions!


After a falling out with his instructor (potion master Judiah Lee), young Oswald moved back to his home town and quickly began setting up his mobile potion cart. Confident in his abilities, the young half-elf hit the open road to peddle his wares and make a big name for himself in the custom potion scene. The only thing more dangerous than an over-confident potion maker, is an over-confident potion maker without his license…

As a DM, you may want to allude to Oswald’s incompetence. Or if you’re really diabolical, you can conveniently forget to mention that these potions may have some… adverse effects. You may choose to add some regular potions into Oswald’s stock as well, to make things more believable.

Here are a few of Oswald’s more peculiar custom concoctions: Upon consumption, roll a d6.

Potion of the Web Weaver: This potion claims to bestow upon the consumer the 2nd level transmutation spell spider climb. These effects last for 1 minute.

Roll 1-3: This potion works as intended

Roll 4-5: During use, this potion has a 50% chance of wearing off unexpectedly.

Roll 6: For the duration of this potions effect, you become overwhelmed with the urge to create a massive web out of any materials you can find. In addition, you contract an insatiable appetite for insects and will go to great lengths to find and eat them.

Potion of Mega Growth: The label on this potion indicates that its imbiber will enjoy the benefits of the 2nd level transmutation spell enlarge spell for 1d4 hours.

Roll 1-4: This potion works as intended.

Roll 5: The only thing that seemed to grow was your hair… all of it. Your body becomes covered in thick hair growing up to 1 foot in length. It’s going to take a good barber to get that off!

Roll 6: This potions effects are that of the reduce spell, instead of enlarge.

Potion of Invincibility: Oswald’s crowning achievement. This potion boasts a big claim! It promises to keep its consumer safe from all types of harm for 24 hours. Too good to be true? Yes, yes it is.

Roll 1-2: You become violently ill. For the next hour, you must succeed a DC 15 Constitution saving throw to be able to complete any simple task.

Roll 3-4: For one hour, your body goes into overdrive. You have advantage on initiative and all saving throws. When the effects wear off, you suffer one level of exhaustion.

Roll 5: Your body becomes paralyzed for 1d4 minutes.

Roll 6: This potion works as intended. Wait, really? You become impervious to pain, but for a much shorter duration than advertised, the effects wear off after about 60 seconds.


A Potion Makers Journey

by Remy Stumbleroot

Judiah Lee is a household name in the potion business. He began crafting potions from scratch on his families farm when he was just a child. He had a fondness for the healing properties of plants and saw them as a cheap alternative to medication for his livestock. He spend much time neglecting his duties as a farmhand to expiriment with these herbs. After years of refining his processes, Judiah finally devised a particularly stable red liquid that can heal most injuries. This healing potion became a staple in the industry after he sold the recipe to a potions mass production firm in a nearby city. This red concoction can still be purchased today in varying degrees of potency, and is a saving grace for adventurers far and wide.

Using his lump sum of gold from the sale, Judiah left his farm to construct a potions workshop and laboratory not far from his home town. There he was able to dedicate his life to the creation and research of consumable potions. Some of these potions are even able to mimic certain spell effects. Judiahs passive income from royalties and patents allowed him to work around the clock to carefully concoct some classic creations. As his workload increased, he felt the need to hire employees. Certain employees would apprentice under him and rise to the ranks of Master Potion Maker. Many of these new masters would go on to begin their own potions companies.

Judiah is still making potions today at the ripe old age of 674. His springy personality and surprising agility are somewhat of a mystery, but with his skills, we suspect he will still be brewing for a few hundred more years.

Story by Remy Stumbleroot. Remy is a reclusive herbalist and rune scribe who travels the land in search of interesting plants. She is an avid writer and top contributor for bewarethewizard.com

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